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    Performance upgrading

  • 超强耐腐蚀性

    Corrosion resistance

    The company's whole car use car special paint, the lacquer surface brightness is ideal, the paintability of the lacquer surface is strong.

  • 操作更加便捷


    The company's products use two-way operation multi-channel valve, both sides of the crane can be operated on the legs, to a great extent, it is convenient for the leg operation.

  • 稳定性加倍


    Our product adopts streamlined arc cab with arc toughened glass, which has reasonable appearance and color, and has reasonable space in the driving building, wide vision and comfortable driving.

  • 强强联合


    The company's products with Dongfeng, Oriental red, Ling Tang European domestic well-known brand chassis, combination, to create the perfect product.

  • 专业设计

    Professional design

    Professional design of eight to ten corners of the arm and U type large arm, the whole machine is made of high strength steel plate, the shape is perfect, durable.

  • 安全可靠

    Safe and reliable

    The product hydraulic parts of our company adopt the famous manufacturers at home and abroad, safe and reliable, the imported oil cylinder oil seal is more durable and durable.

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  • High noise, high pressure fluctuation and screeking of hydraulic valve

    The oil suction pipe or the oil suction filter net is blocked, the viscosity of the oil is too high and the parts in the pump are worn out.

  • A gap creeping during hoisting or lowering.

    The wire rope is twisted or arranged on the reel, there are dirt in the hoisting motor, the oil pump is insufficient, and the system pressure is low.